Brands Missing Opportunity To Measure Consumer Sentiment

Advertisers are missing an opportunity to create new metrics to measure things like consumer sentiment. That was the consensus among experts during a panel on measuring content's impact at the MediaPost OMMA LA conference Art & Science of Digital Advertising. 

In fact sentiment is the one thing marketers can't easily measure in real time, said Lee Beale, director of business development and analytics at Crossmedia. A brand doesn't know how someone felt after viewing a video, scrolling down a page to read an editorial, listening to a podcast, or reading a book, he said.  Marketers assumes the view reflects a positive experience, because the person completed the action, but the scroll down the page might have reinforced a negative opinion, Beale said.

There's an opportunity to open new doors and discover information about consumer responses. Steve Bender, Partner and EVP of strategy at Greenlight Media and Marketing, said if you're creating something that entertains, such as a music video, evaluate it as a piece of entertainment. Find out if those who participated in the video share it, and if their peers respected the content. Find out if it's getting coverage in the blogs, Bender said.



Also find out the channels through which viewers came  that correlate with a purchase, said John Hartman, president of Piston. "Getting to the additional layers of data will become the key pieces," he said. Those layers can mean learning that those viewing the content through social sites do not make a purchase, whereas those coming to the site through a search engine based on optimization make a purchase.

The data marketers can measure might be baffling. Adam Brenner, director of product and emerging platforms at Sparks & Honey, said the city of Chicago has put sensors on lampposts to monitor the pings from the cell phones of passers-by. "They use the information to design a better city," he said.

Using sentiment to design a better campaign fits into the same category, but marketers will need metrics to measure results.

Marketers can view the discussion on "Tell Me An Accountable Story: Measuring Content’s Impact" here.

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  1. Rob Key from Converseon, July 22, 2015 at 5:34 p.m.

    There are different types of ways to get to consumer sentiment.  Sentiment analysis, for example, using advanced text analytics like those we've developed at Converseon and Revealed Context actually do process millions of conversations in near real time with high precision.  While these technologies are being rapidly adopted by brands interested in voice of customer intelligence, they do admittedly remain underleveraged by advertising/marketing more generally.  i anticipate that they will integrate more deeply into programmatic solutions moving forward.  Cheers.

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