Emogi Partners With Kargo To Measure Ad Engagement

Instead of just dismissing ads, a startup is asking consumers to select their feelings toward ads using emoji.

An ad pops up with a row of emoticons available for selection at the bottom. The consumer is prompted to choose one based on their experience with the ad. Consumers can click a frown if they don’t like the ad, and a smile if they do — as well as cool-guy shades and crying face if the context of the ad makes those options available.

Part of the difficulty of using emoji as a measurement of engagement is the inherent superficiality of the emotions they express. Emogi’s platform, called Emotion Engine, engages consumers and allows brands to understand how users feel about their content or products in real time. It also measures the point at which consumers exit the ad and the emoji they selected upon dismissal.



Providing context for the emojis used helps to understand the emotional engagement of the user.

“The results of our tests indicate that use of emojis drives a 10x lift in response rates while doubling dwell time,” says Emogi Founder and CEO Travis Montaque.

Emogi has partnered with mobile publisher platform Kargo to launch the service. Ryan McConville, Kargo’s COO, says he believes the Emotion Engine platform “will help address the industry's frustration with using CTR as a primary benchmark for success.”

Many brands are looking for ways to use emoji to engage consumers. A reliable means of measuring that engagement could be quite useful.

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