Liberty Mutual, Havas Worldwide Insure eBay Auctions

ebay auctions can be heart-breaking endeavors when people lose out on coveted items. Yet up until now, there is little one can do if they lose out on an auction.  

Now, Liberty Mutual Insurance and eBay are teaming to create Bid Protection, a unique sweepstakes that allows eBay bidders the chance to win the eBay item they want even if they lose their auction.  

Developed by Havas Worldwide, New York, the initiative's concept serves as a way for Liberty Mutual to promote its products on a site that has a natural need for insurance. 

"Liberty Mutual wanted eBay users to know that not only will Liberty Mutual protect the things people care about but they'll also protect their chances of winning the things they care about too," says Jason Musante, Managing Director & Group Executive Creative Director, Havas Worldwide.  

The sweepstakes is focused on the cars and trucks and house and garden categories. Ten winners will ultimately be selected. Three Grand Prize winners of a car or truck were selected in June. Seven other prize winners will be awarded in September. 



The contest is supported with paid media on eBay's website, specifically banners and blog posts, as well as via social media posts on Liberty Mutual's channels and email support. 

This eBay contest is already exceeding expectations, say agency executives who indicate that the campaign has driven the most quote requests of any Liberty Mutual advertising effort.  

"The biggest surprise has probably come, not from us, but from the bidders who won cars and the positive feedback and engagement we have received on the program," says Musante. "One of the challenges was tracking down hard-to-find items. However, after hard work and effort, we’ve successfully located all so far." 

And while the concept is proving popular, executives say there are no plans to actually provide insurance for eBay auctions. 

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