Companies Partner to Grow Mobile Commerce

Partnership time in mobile commerce is getting into full swing.

In the early days of mobile commerce, not all that long ago, new and established businesses looked at staking their claim in various pieces of the commerce landscape.

Now that some of the dust has settled, more companies are joining hands with other companies with the hope of one plus one being larger than two.

Some examples:

  • Mobile payments startup Paytm joined with ad network InMobi to create an apps and games section on the app. Paytm had initially created a payment engine before diving into the mobile commerce arena.
  • Subway just announced it’s partnering with PayPal to increase its mobile payment options. Consumers will be able to use mobile to pay at Subway with Android Pay, Apple Pay or Pay Pal. It also has one-touch checkout.
  • MasterCard extended its partnership with Samsung to provide Samsung Pay to consumers in Europe,

There are many more, but you get the drift.

The good news is that the partnerships and joint deals cause increased focus, much of which is now based on market experience and consumer behavioral knowledge.

And that could be very good the growth and maturing of the commerce marketplace.



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