Best Known As IoT Brand: Apple, 48%; Samsung, 22%

When consumers think of connected gadgets of the Internet of Things, they think Apple.

The majority (60%) of consumers see a fully connected home as achievable within the next five years and they already have preferences of what brands they associate with IoT, based on a new report.

The study was conducted by YouGov for ThroughTek and comprised a survey of 1,200 U.S. adults, weighted to be a representative sample of the population.

Though not necessarily related to which company has what IoT-connected devices, Apple comes out on top, by a lot. Here’s which brands consumers most associate with the Internet of Things:

  • 48% -- Apple
  • 22% -- Samsung
  • 15% -- Amazon
  • 13% -- Google
  • 2% -- Other

And in the rubber-hits-the-road department of purchasing IoT products, Apple also takes the lead. If they had an IoT device to sell, here are the brands consumers would most want to purchase them from:

  • 29% -- Apple
  • 19% -- Samsung
  • 14% -- Google
  • 10% -- Amazon

As in most IoT studies, the top barriers to widespread adoption are concerns about cost and security.

From a cost standpoint, the majority (88%) of consumers are not willing to pay more than $250 for a connected device and more than a quarter (27%) of them are anxious about lack of security of their personal data.

The survey found the golden price point for an IoT connected device is $125.

Consumers already have a feel for how much they would spend. They're also starting to consider from whom they would buy.

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