Magazine Circs Slip Again

The total circulation of U.S. magazines fell 2.2% from the first half of 2014 to the first half of 2015, according to the most recent figures from the Alliance for Audited Media.

However, the trend was hardly uniform, as a number of big titles enjoyed substantial increases in both newsstand and subscription sales.

One trend that stands out is the continuing drop in celebrity titles, which depend heavily on newsstand sales.

In the most recent report, In Touch Weekly’s total circulation slid 8.5% to 394,349, as single-copy sales fell 8% to 367,625. Life & Style Weekly’s total circ fell 5.4% to 210,892, due mostly to a 5.1% drop in newsstand sales, to 202,430.

OK! Weekly’s circ was down 5.4% to 480,945, with newsstand down 6.6% to 125,393 and subs down 5% to 355,552. Total circ at Star magazine fell 7% to 753,043, as newsstand tumbled 15.6% to 220,838. People’s total circ slipped 1.2% to 3,469,098, due to an 8.8% drop in newsstand to 643,847.



Among other women's interest titles, More's total circ tumbled 41% to 779,059, as subscriptions plunged 44.2% to 674,318, while First for Women's total circ fell 7.9% to 989,032, with newsstand sales down 8.2% to 794,458 and subs down 6.3% to 194,574. Total circ at Woman’s World was down 11.1% to 925,426, as single copy sales fell 11.8% to 823,844.

Men's interest titles were not spared, either. For example, Field & Stream’s total circulation was down 4.2% to 1,205,753, as subscriptions fell 4.5% to 1,170,152. Playboy's total circ fell 23.1% to 816,926, due mostly to a big drop in subscriptions, down 22.9% to 780,170.

Some venerable titles also saw declines. National Geographic’s total circ was down 4.7% to 3,404,745, as subs fell 5.1% to 3,263,563, while Smithsonian’s circ fell 7% to 1,865,086, due to a 7.2% drop in subs, to 1,857,501. Among general interest titles, Time magazine's total circ fell 7.6% to 3,038,254, as subs fell 7.8% to 2,982,213.

Turning to the good news, Meredith’s new Allrecipes magazine saw circulation soar 70.6% to 1,114,819, with single-copy sales up 9% to 56,183 and subs up 75.8% to 1,058,636. Food Network Magazine’s circ rose 6.3% to 1,733,904, with subs 15.6% to 1,421,568.

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