TCU Teams With Vivoom To Promote Football

Texas Christian University is partnering with mobile advertising platform Vivoom for a series of co-created video campaigns revolving around school spirit and the college’s football team this season.

Through the campaign, users essentially create their own branded content. One lucky fan will even have the opportunity to carry the TCU flag onto the field as a reward for producing the best piece.

In order to submit a video for the “Unite for the Fight” campaign, users sign into a TCU branded space within Vivoom’s app and film a short clip of themselves showing off their passion and dedication to the team. Campaign assets are added in in real-time, and then the user can preview and share it with their friends, a process that fits Vivoom's MO.



The partnership enables TCU to create and distribute the best performing mobile ad unit as branded content, track the performance of the ads, and total control over user-created content, including where and how videos are shared.

“It’s authenticity with brand control,” says Katharine Hays, founder and CEO of Vivoom. The videos that fans upload are hosted on Vivoom’s servers and are therefore entirely controlled by the brand. “You get the authenticity of stories that are created by consumers, and control in a way that ads value for a consumer,” she adds.

The campaign isn't just about the football team, however. According to a statement, the university’s use of branded user videos will support "a range of activities and initiatives across athletics and beyond."

Vivoom’s platform is already seeing some pretty good results with views to completion of co-created video spots averaging 65% and response rates on the embedded call to action within these branded user videos at 10%. The videos are fairly long, too, reaching 21 seconds.

This is Vivoom’s first partnership with a university and their first campaign related to sports. The college football season is right around the corner, and the fans are ready. “People are passionate about their teams,” says Hays.

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