Is Programmatic Display Getting A Fair Shake In Your Attribution Models?

If you’re not a programmatic (or an attribution modeling) geek, you can skip the answer to this question. If you happen to be one, you might be surprised to learn that, despite all the hemming and hawing and finger-pointing going on around programmatic display’s “viewability,” bot and fraud issues, it actually does pretty well in most attribution models.

The reason, Morgan Vawter, programmatic marketing lead at Accenture, told Programmatic Insider Summit attendees this morning, is because of all the great meta data available in programmatic display campaigns.

“in a lot of ways, it can get much more than a fair shake,” she said, adding that it “definitely over-indexes, because of the way it is set up in attribution models.”

When it comes to modeling, particularly attribution models, it’s all in the math, of course. But Vawter said the availability of insightful metadata at least gives programmatic display a leg up if those are the variables a brand or agency is weighting in its model.

“Programmatic is better because of metadata,” she said, citing things like creative IDs, media IDs and publisher data as good examples.

“I can use that to make my campaign look smarter,” she said.

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