Cable, Broadcast TV Ads Get Mixed July Results

Against unfavorable comparisons of a year ago, when the 2014 World Cup was in full swing, TV slipped a couple of percentage points in terms of TV advertising revenue in July.

Overall TV -- cable TV, broadcast TV, spot TV, syndication, and local cable -- was down 2%, according to Standard Media Index (SMI), which culls data from bookings of 80% of total national U.S. media agencies.

Cable TV networks had a 1% gain, with broadcast TV down 2%. Taking out the World Cup activity of a year ago -- specifically Univision’s coverage -- broadcast TV would show a slight ad increase in July.

This year, according to SMI, some of TV's bigger events in July that help bolster business included the “FIFA Women’s World Cup,” “Special Olympics 2015” and “ESPY Awards.”



Local TV advertising sank 5% during the month -- with two major decliners -- syndication and local cable, each off 12%.

National TV witnessed different results when it came to scatter and upfront money placed during the month. National broadcast TV grew 54% in terms of scatter revenue place versus July 2014 -- but 13% down from upfront dollars during the month. (Upfront deals for July 2015 made a year ago in June-July 2014.)

National cable TV networks revealed a more consistent picture -- with 1% gain each in scatter dollars and upfront money versus a year ago.

SMI says that overall national TV scatter dollars for broadcast/cable are up 17% for the month and down 5% for the revenues coming from upfront deals.

Boosted by digital media and out-of-home, the overall U.S. media marketplace was up 7% in July revenue versus the same time period a year ago. Some of the growing ad categories included: pharmaceuticals, 28% higher; non-alcoholic beverages, up 24%; and quick-service restaurants, adding 15%.

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