Bing Threads News On Mobile

A Smart Label feature for Bing News mobile will link articles by key topics to help users explore related headlines, Microsoft announced Wednesday.

Users can click on the Smart Label that appears at the bottom right corner of a news story to explore more headlines related to a specific topic. While reading every article on East European geopolitics posted to the Web may not seem realistic, exploring a few headline smart labels will thread the major themes in the articles. Clicking on the keyword "Putin," for example, a smart label below the story, will bring up a list of recent articles related to the Russian president.

The ability to thread content isn't new. Companies use the technology to thread email messages, posts on Facebook or Twitter. Google uses the technology to link news stories in Google news. Bing also used similar technology to thread articles in Bing News, but now the engine will use keyword tags to thread related articles. 

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