Moasis Launches Location-Targeting Platform For Brands, Agencies

Moasis, a location tech company, announced the launch of Moasis for Advertisers on Tuesday — a platform for brands, marketers and agencies.
According to BIA/Kelsey, location targeting is predicted to hit $6.7 billion this year and will account for 52% of ad spend by 2018. Eighty percent of marketers worldwide use location data in their mobile campaigns already, according to xAd.
Ryan Golden, CEO of Moasis, says he sees a disconnect in the industry: it’s filled with solutions, but those solutions do not interact seamlessly. Moasis hopes to address that issue with a unified platform.



Moasis plans to leverage predictive analytics and programmatic to help scale its offerings. It also patented a new technology, called Geo Grid, which uses cells within a certain location to selectively target users, as opposed to a geofence which uses circles as a catch-all within a certain radius.

According to their statement, their solution sees four times higher engagement than the industry average.

Location has taken flak recently for several reasons -- one of which is fuzzy location, a term used to describe the wide (sometimes miles wide) margin of error of some data. 

However, Golden sees many opportunities for his company outside of advertising, including political campaigns and local government.
"In politics, we have a long history of using location to target media with direct mail,” stated partner of GPS Impact Mark Langgin. “Additionally, location is a core component of many voter modeling projects as it is tied to factors like household income. Location targeted mobile advertising with very tight geo-targeting is set to take things to the next level and will be a major piece of many digital campaign plans in 2016.”
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