Yandex Adds Ad Tracking To Mobile Analytics

In response to more consumers moving to mobile, Russian search engine Yandex added a free ad-tracking feature to its AppMetrica platform, which previously focused on user analytics and crash reports. The feature aims to support marketers and publishers in real-time through one software development kit (SDK).

The tool, originally released in 2013, now processes nearly one billion in-app events daily for those connected to the service. The free app eliminates the need for companies to spend up to 15% of their budgets on mobile advertising measurement tools. It also pulls elements together from different sources, making it easier for product analysts and managers to get detailed information on traffic source segmentation in analytics tools. Yandex said company developers spent nearly two years solving these issues.



The latest version of the application provides detailed ad campaign reporting. Users can drill down to analyze how well different creative campaigns and ad placements perform, see tracking-link parameter breakdowns, and get user engagement reports by applying cohort analysis with retention and event conversion rates that gives an insightful analysis of traffic quality.

Today, AppMetrica integrates with mobile ad networks like AdColony, InMobi, Millennial Media, Vungle, and many others, but the company said it's working on an export function to extract and add data to other retargeting and look-alike platforms through an application program interface.

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