Public Ad Tech Firms Weathered The Storm Amid Monday's Larger Downturn

The handful of public ad tech companies -- like nearly every other public company -- were impacted by yesterday’s larger market downturn. The Dow opened with a 1,000-point drop and closed 588 points below, per CNN Money.

But while many of the public ad tech companies were down big at the start of the day, along with the rest of the market, they navigated the waters fairly well. In fact, a few of them are already trading ahead of where they were prior to Monday morning's sharp decline.

Rubicon Project, for example, closed Friday at a price of $14.55. By Monday morning, shares had fallen to $13.85 before rising sharply by Monday afternoon. The company closed Monday at $14.27 per share, and at press time, shares of Rubicon were up to $14.62.

Programmatic ad platform TubeMogul is another company that experienced high volatility but was able to stave the downturn. TubeMogul closed Friday at $10.69 but was trading at $9.70 shortly after the bell rang Monday morning. The company never fully recovered on Monday -- ending the day at just under $10 per share -- but as of early Tuesday morning, shares of TubeMogul jumped over 6% and, at press time, were trading at about $10.60 per share.



Millennial Media, Marin Software, YuMe, Criteo, Tremor and Rocket Fuel all followed similar paths.

This does not mean ad tech companies are impervious to negativity in the market at large. Additionally, yesterday’s action may have implications that are not yet known. This post should really only be taken as an observation.

All of these companies, save for Criteo, are trading below where they started (and TubeMogul is only slightly under it’s initial price) -- but it appears all of them were able to weather the one-day storm Monday’s market brought.

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