YouTube Adds TrueView Video Ads To AdWords Platform

Content marketers will now find access to YouTube's TrueView video advertising campaign in the AdWords platform -- joining search, display and shopping campaigns in one core interface. It makes video campaigns another option.

Marketers will now build all YouTube TrueView ads in AdWords, per Google. The company announced Wednesday that features include bulk editing in the user interface and the ability to add YouTube accounts to the Linked accounts section of AdWords.

It also supports the AdWords shared library.

Bulk management tools allow marketers to download a snapshot of campaigns, make multiple changes, and upload the changes live to accounts. Reporting scheduling gives marketers the ability to set up a schedule for reports to run automatically, and have them emailed regularly to account users.

The biggest change, however, is the replacement of targeting groups in video campaigns with ad groups to make them similar to other campaign types. Each ad group in a video campaign will have either an in-stream, skippable pre-roll ad, or an in-display ad that appears alongside related videos in the TrueView format.

TrueView also brings some of its video features into AdWords like earned actions reporting and shared library tools.

Google expects new features and updates will occur faster now that multiple campaign structures share the same platform.

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