Social Media Proves Boon To Email Marketers

From Twitter handles on TV to hashtags in print, the influence of social media spans far beyond its official boarders. New research shines a spotlight on social’s increasing sway over email marketing, and some opportunities that brands continue to miss.

From “like” buttons to sharing options, a whopping 76% of emails now include some sort of social element, according to social marketing and analytics firm Curalate and the email-marketing specialists at Movable Ink.

When email marketers work social into their equations, Facebook content is used 53% of the time, while Twitter content is used 14% of the time.

Where is social and email failing to align?

Well, when asked to identify top challenges in bringing social images into email, 52% citing different databases and systems; 51% cited issues with analytics and collection; and 49% cited stifling silos in cross-channel collaboration.

According to the researchers, email marketers leverage Instagram images less than 3% of the time, missing big engagement gains in the process.



In fact, the popular social network delivers 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement than Twitter, according to Curalate and Movable Ink.

If brands do use Instagram imagery in their emails, they should strongly consider Valencia, Rise and X-Pro II, and they appear to be the photo filters that deliver the highest revenue per impression when used in an ecommerce environment.

Similarly, contextual tags -- taken from Instagram images -- that are excel at driving revenue in an ecommerce environment include “eyes,” “smile, “makeup,” “female,” “water,” “hair” and “travel.”

This year, more than 200 billion emails will be sent and received every day of 2015 -- 57% of which will come from brands -- Curalate and Movable Ink expect.

The research was based on first- and third-party data from which Curalate pulled an aggregate source of 700 brands and their daily consumer engagements with images.

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  1. Elissa Harrison from None , September 7, 2015 at 11:12 p.m.

    Social Media Proves Boon to Email Marketers written by Gavin O’Malley focuses on social media and the impact it can have on email marketing. In 2015, according to the article, over 200 billion emails will be sent out as well as received. That is an excessive amount of emails that are being exchanged back in fourth, but this article emphasizes the fact that companies are not using social media to aid this marketing technique of sending emails. One of the main social media platforms they suggest companies to use is Instagram, which is more popular than Facebook and Twitter. After reflecting on the comment that Instagram is one of the most popular social media forms to use, I would not disagree with that statement. Everyone I know doesn’t have a twitter or Facebook but a popular trend right now in our society is Instagram. I personally love to look at photos and scroll through my news feed. Photos and videos pull people in so it only makes sense that it would have more pull than twitter since it mostly consist of text content. I too agree that companies are missing a huge opportunity to market their organization as well as gain new followers to their organization. The past companies I have worked for I had to set the company up on Instagram, which helped increase their awareness dramatically. I agree that our society needs to integrate social media more into our traditional medias such as email. 

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