Sweet! Cookie Jam Launches New Campaign

With titles such as Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja and Gummy Drop, the world of mobile games can seem overly sweet … and awfully similar. SGN is looking to move away from the pack a little bit with a new campaign for its “Cookie Jam” title launching this week.

The new campaign builds on an effort from earlier this year, which touted Cookie Jam being named “Game of the Year” by Facebook, says Josh Brooks, SGN’s senior vice president of brand strategy and marketing. The lift the brand saw from that campaign demonstrated the power of advertising to grow an audience, he says. 

“It quickly became apparent that it was a viable asset to use for acquisition strategies,” Brooks tells Marketing Daily. “The game has proven its mass appeal across a multitude of demographics, making the decision to double down on a significant media budget an easy one.” 



Anchoring the new campaign is a new television spot from L.A. agency Stun Creative, featuring actor Ken Jeong (“Community,” “The Hangover”). In the spot, three women sit under hair dryers at the salon, obviously bored. As one plays the recorder, Jeong — dressed as a giant chocolate chip cookie — bursts through the wall, Kool-Aid Man-style. “Hey ladies, your perms texted you were bored. ‘Cookie Jam’ it,” Joeng says, tossing them phones and heading back through the hole from whence he came. 

“Our games are playful and rich with content,” Brooks says. “We knew that comedy was a ‘must’ for any game ad series we would consider. Ken’s type of comedy appeals to a wide range of people, and doesn’t alienate anyone.”

Launching first in North America, the campaign will quickly be expanded into global markets, running on cable and network television. Company executives will be watching the campaign closely and make adjustments based on its performance, Brooks says. 

“We are absolutely methodical about our media strategy. We’ve spent a great deal of time understanding who our Cookie Jam players are,” he says. “As we spend media dollars online and on TV– we’re watching in real time how folks respond and eventually engage with our games.”

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