NEW! Oscar Mayer Debuts Sizzl, The Dating App For Bacon Lovers

Now this is my kind of dating app. Nothing says soulmate more than finding someone who loves bacon as much as you do. Oscar Mayer feels the same way and created Sizzl, a real dating app for people who rate their love of bacon closely near their love life. Sizzl figures out a person's potential soulmate based on how each individual loves their bacon. Do you like pork, turkey, crispy or burnt? Once decisions are made, Sizzl serves users potential matches that can be rated by holding down the Sizzl Meter. If you like someone and they like you back, each person will be notified that they're bacon lovers with the potential for some sizzling date nights. The app is free in the App Store;watch a cute video of how the Sizzl app works. 360i created the app and campaign.
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