Apple News Launches, More Publishers Sign Up

Apple News launched Wednesday with growing momentum, thanks to a raft of new publishers that announced partnerships simultaneously with the unveiling.

The list of new publishers on board with Apple News includes GQ, New York and Epicurious.

Conde Nast’s GQ announced its Apple News offering as an up-to-the-minute, visually pleasing digest of what’s going on in the men’s magazine, including plenty of pretty pictures for “dudes” to look at: “Let's just say it’s a nice way to stay up to date with what the Hadid sisters are up to” (ahem).

GQ pointed out that dudes can also save articles for later and read content from other publications that’s of interest to dudes, like Bloomberg, ESPN and Wired.

New York also bowed its Apple News offering, which will give readers access to virtually all the stories published by the magazine and Vulture, The Cut, Grub Street and Science of Us. New York also teased a number of “enhanced features” due out in coming weeks.

New York Mag’s Apple News offering will debut with Gucci as a launch advertiser, with the first ads due to appear Friday.

Conde Nast’s Epicurious unveiled an Apple News channel, as well. The Epicurious offering on Apple News delivers cooking advice and curated recipes aimed at the home cook, according to executive director Eric Gillin. The Epicurious Apple News channel launched on Apple News with support from title sponsors Campbell Soup Company and Reynolds.

These publishers join a growing list of high-profile media companies with a presence on Apple News. 

Others include Hearst, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Rolling Stone publisher Wenner Media, Bloomberg, Reuters, BuzzFeed, ESPN, Vox Media and Mashable.

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