Help Wanted: MEC To Conduct 'Live Hire' At Advertising Week

MEC is the latest agency to use the upcoming Advertising Week gathering in New York as a talent hiring venue. 

The WPP media shop, which is sponsoring the inaugural Talent Track series of sessions at this year’s conference, will conduct its “MEC Live Hire” event next Monday (Sept. 28). 

The agency will be talking to entry level prospects and extending offers to candidates by the end of the day. 

The agency has set up a LinkedIn page where interested job seekers can apply. 

The event is part of the agency’s ongoing effort to try new ways to hire people, said Marie-Claire Barker, Chief Talent Officer, MEC Global. 

“Over the past decade, the advertising and marketing landscape has evolved drastically, yet as an industry we are still relying on tried and tested methods of acquiring talent,” Barker said. “With this new approach we aim to disrupt the industry norm to attract the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and achievers to deliver for our agency and our clients.” 



The Live Hire event is part of what the agency said was the “evolution”  of  a speed interviewing technique it began testing earlier this year and will roll out across its North America operation by the end of 2015.

Creative shops are also using Advertising Week to tap talent. Five agencies are participating in a completion called the Big Ad Gig which will offer winning candidates 30-day paid internships. 

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