Analytics, Measurement Finds The 49% ROI Mistake

Google made a slight change to Analytics this week. It now defaults to hourly option filters when limiting the date range to show up to four days of behavioral data. The demonstrates how measurement tools become even more important. Without specific tools and features, the individual clicks or views for online advertisements diminish in worth. Some reports suggest a lack of attribution measurement leads to missed or inaccurate returns.

Call attribution tracking continues to make the most noise, as a rising percentage of calls come from smartphones.

DialogTech Insights, the marketing arm of DialogTech, estimates that without call attribution, marketers could miss or misattribute 49% of conversions to the wrong source -- which can lead to inaccurate return-on-investment (ROI) data and the inability to optimize marketing budgets for what really drives revenue, according to the DialogTech Insights study. 



The report analyzes what drives the growth in calls from mobile devices, and why call attribution and optimization are critical to fixing ROI mistakes.

Consider a search marketer with a monthly Google AdWords budget of $50,000. Assuming they generated 250 Web leads in one month, the result is a cost per lead of $200. That's without call attribution. "With call attribution the search marketer discovers a 49% ROI mistake: in addition to 250 Web leads, they are also receiving 245 phone leads each month," per the report. "Now with 495 total monthly leads, the cost per lead decreases 49% to $101."

Meanwhile, 50% of B2B marketers still find it difficult to attribute marketing directly to revenue as a means to justify budgets, according to the study. About 81% would increase spending on digital, mobile and social channels if they could better track ROI. It's predicted that by 2019, mobile channels will drive 162 billion calls, with search and social media being the largest drivers of this 114% uptick. The analysis also estimates a 34% increase in calls from mobile channels in just the last six months

Aside from DialogTech, a host of companies offer some form of call analytics, including Invoca, Marchex, Twilio, Ring Central, and Google Call Tracking.

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