Moms Search For Answers On YouTube

Moms search on YouTube for how-to videos more than the average viewer. In fact, 81% of YouTube-watching moms watch how-to videos, compared with 75% for the average viewer. YouTube research, released Wednesday, found that 83% of moms search for parenting questions online. Of those, three in five prefer online video to answer these questions.

Some of those searches on YouTube are for lullabies on ways to relax babies and help them sleep. Brands like Johnson's Baby recognized this, and have begun to create content that provides advice and tips for common baby questions that Moms already search for on the site.

While many marketers assume that only the Millennial generation views content on YouTube, moms make up a major part of the audience. To better understand how Moms watch YouTube, Google partnered with Ipsos and TNS to survey moms on their video viewership behavior. Moms turn to YouTube at all points during their purchase journey, including before and after making a purchase.

Moms look for information, tutorials and how-to content to help them make the right decision before making a purchase. The findings suggest that 58% of YouTube-watching moms search for YouTube videos about products before making a purchase.

Johnson's Baby uses its YouTube channel to reach moms as they are looking for advice and how-to tips. Prior to delivery, new moms can turn to the Mommy & Me video series on J&J Baby’s channel with videos ranging from how to pick a baby registry to setting a baby sleep routine prior to the baby's delivery. J&J Baby also partnered with YouTube creator Elle Walker to debunk common myths and provide tips for its Baby Myths Myth conceptions series.

Moms look for information on how to use or assemble products, or how to get the most out of their purchase after making a purchase. In fact, 69% of moms surveyed say they would rather watch a YouTube video than pick up the phone or read a user manual.

Some 54% say they start by researching products on the Internet, 49% admit to purchasing products online with a laptop or desktop, and 45% check out the product online and then make a purchase in the store. About 40% said they search Web site to help them shop, 40% use coupons from manufacturers or retailers, and 29% receive coupons in emails like Groupon.

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