MEC Will Hire You on the Spot During Advertising Week

On Monday from 9AM to 5PM outside The Times Center during Advertising Week, MEC will conduct interviews which will result in the immediate hiring of 10 entry-level employees as part of the agency's MEC Live Hire event. 

Each candidate will go through four interviews with four different people from the agency who will center their respective interview questions on one of four areas; communication, collaboration, strategic thinking and initiative and accountability. 

Of the endeavor, MEC Chief Talent Officer Marie-Claire Barker said, "We can do things quickly if we're aligned strategically on the type of talent we're trying to bring in. Where a lot of organizations fall short is there is no alignment for what people are looking for."

While the agency says it will interview up to 16 people, I'm guessing there's going to be a whole lot more lining up and begging for an interview.



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