Second-Screen Multitasking Tops With TV News, Kids Shows

Second-screen multitasking activity is growing -- with some areas such as TV news viewing and kids shows higher than other program genres.

Nearly 30% of all TV viewers who watch TV news programming regularly used the second screen, according to the RealityMine, consumer behavior/market researcher. Children’s programming is the next big second-screen activity, posting a 28.4% number.

The lowest second-screen results come from those viewing games show and documentaries -- pulling in 15.5% and 19.5%, respectively.

In two specific TV viewing categories -- news and sports, with their connection with digital apps -- major second-screen activity comes from social media apps, 13.5% and 21.6%, respectively. Behind this comes specific apps related to those categories. For TV news programming, 7.2% viewers go to news apps; for TV sports programming, 13.5% of viewers go to sports apps.



Interestingly, in both instances for news and sports, after TV viewers go to social-media apps, the third biggest level of second-screen activity is digital games: 6.9% for news viewers, and 8.8% for sports viewers.

RealityMine’s first quarter 2015 research comes analyzing media consumption, activity, emotions, social setting and location, looking at the same people at the same time period over the course of 10 days. That results in more than 2,000 facts per respondent. The data is further enhanced with “passive metering.”

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