Twitter Drives High Retention Rates on Android App Installs

Twitter stood out at the top of the “retention marketer” list on Android devices, 25% higher than second place Google Ad Words, and in second place on iOS devices. (Ad Words was No. 1.)

AppsFlyer, a mobile attribution and analytics platform, released their second Ad Network Performance Index today, which focused on platforms that drive ecommerce, utility and travel app installs.

The study measured both the quality and the quantity of downloads, rating companies based on retention and overall power (based on retention and total number of installs driven).

The report examined 450 million app installs across AppsFlyer’s partner network. Only apps with more than 5,000 installs were included.

Facebook placed first in power on both Android and iOS, having both massive scale and excellent retention. China-based dark horse Mobvista showed up in the number two slot on Android, and 6th place on iOS.

The study found that organic retention is still the best kind of retention, outperforming paid retention by 156% over a period of 30 days on Android devices, and 133% on iOS for the same period.

Geographically speaking, the U.S. was beaten by India in overall power rankings on Android devices, though America is still top of the heap for iOS.

Back in May, this report focused on gaming app installs that rated the performance of all the top mobile media sources for their ability to drive scalable, high-quality installs for gaming apps.

Because the use of ecommerce, travel or utility apps is driven by intent, they generally have a higher lifetime value (LTV). Gaming apps are often a spur-of-the-moment download.

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