Mobile Researcher NinthDecimal Strikes Location-Based TiVo Deal

Mobile audience researcher NinthDecimal has struck a partnership with TiVo to determine whether an exposure to a TV commercial means higher foot traffic at a brand’s physical retail location.

Using TiVo TV viewing data, NinthDecimal says its research will tie TV viewing data to retail-world behavior, providing insight into a campaign’s return on media investments by measuring TV networks, dayparts, programs, creative executions and audience segments.

Marketers can gain a better understanding of their media-mix performance, according to the company, such as whether TV-only exposure, mobile only, or TV and mobile drive the greatest brand lift.

NinthDecimal will offer four key tools for marketers: directly measuring the impact of TV ads on in-store visits; where to buy TV, based on where people who watch specific shows go in the retail locations; how to better retarget audiences on mobile devices based on their TV viewership; and measuring promotion for a TV show on offline or digital media and measuring the tune-in lift.



Frank Foster, SVP/GM of TiVo Research, stated: “Digital media has the benefit of census data and post-click attribution, but television still lacks the mechanisms to precisely measure the impact of advertising on perception and behavior.”

He added that the deal would enable “companies to more precisely measure the effectiveness of their ad spend.”

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