Self-Service Programmatic Platform For Advertisers On 'Any Budget'

Adadyn announced today the launch of its self-service programmatic platform, aimed at drawing in advertisers on “any budget,” CEO and founder Kiran Gopinath stated.

Gopinath told Real-Time Daily in an e-mail that the platform is aimed at three types of marketers, specifically: conservative budgets or small teams; wanting to explore programmatic solutions; search marketing backgrounds, particularly in the travel and retail industries.

Adadyn totes a simple, self-service user interface that allows marketers to take on programmatic without putting down minimum ad spend requirements or monthly costs.

“For many users who are exploring programmatic for the first time, this brings a lot of freedom and flexibility to the user when there are no financial constraints,” Gopinath said.



The Indian company aims to empower mid-market brands to afford to use programmatic advertising. Marketers can sign up independently, set a budget and place ads in near real-time.

“This year is a very exploratory year when it comes to programmatic solutions and now marketers have accessible managed service options and self-service platforms at their fingertips,” Gopinath said.

Marketers can try out the platform and launch a campaign with as little as $1,000, he said.

According to, the self-serve programmatic platform is designed for businesses making less than $50 million annually. Marketers that have a $100-per-day budget or spend about $10,00 to $15,000 a year are considered good candidates for the platform.

This is the first big launch for the company since it began focusing on the U.S. market in March, after it changed its name from Ozone Media to Adadyn.
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