New Perry Ellis Campaign: 'Trousers That Flex' And Wash 'N Wear Suits

To promote Perry Ellis' new brand extension Travel Luxe, creative content agency Yard has produced three 15-second stop-motion animation videos corresponding to pieces of the collection that show the flexibility and durability of the line. There are no celebrities, animals, or babies. Instead, the videos show the clothing items with message boards saying "ditch the drop off service" and "trousers that flex."  

"We worked to ensure the campaign played up the specific attributes of the non-iron shirt, the stretch pants, and the washable suit -- easy-care pieces for on-the-go and up-and-coming professionals," says Stephen Niedzwiecki, founding partner and chief creative officer at Yard. "These are three of Perry's most premium pieces with features that set them apart from other brands as well as the rest of the Perry Ellis line." 



The campaign is designed to address to two insights uncovered by Yard's research. First, business travelers want to look fresh when they step off an airplane. Second, young, up-and-coming professionals can’t afford professional dry cleaning every week.

The campaign is running in the U.S. via out-of-home, digital, social and Taxi TV in cities such as New York City. In-store signage will also showcase the collection. 

"Business travelers are constantly dividing their attention between rushing to the airport, answering work emails, making sure their reservations are booked, etcetera, says Niedzwieck. “Connecting with them in the midst of all the chaos is challenging, which is why we decided to place the spots on taxi TVs and through social media. The taxi to the airport or destination is a brief interlude between logistics of travel, and travelers tend to scroll through social media while waiting in line for security or to check in."


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