Halloween Inspires Tricks, Treats From Cheetos, Dos Equis

Candy brands aren't the only ones that jump on Halloween.

This year's batch of campaigns range from a tricks-themed one from Cheetos to a more adult treats-themed one from Dos Equis.

Cheetos is promoting its seasonal Bag of Bones snacks and Trick-or-Treat Packs by playing off the mischievous brand identity built around the tricks of its Chester Cheetah mascot in the ongoing "Dangerously Cheesy" campaign.

The brand took its marketing live for the holiday through a partnership with food delivery service Caviar. Cheetos reps dressed as Caviar delivery people brought real orders to some customers' doors, but first scared the wits out of them by having "monsters" (props or people dressed in costumes) pop out of a box. The "lucky" customers also got Trick-or-Treat Packs for being good sports. 



The tricks were captured on video, and the brand is sharing them on its site, its Facebook page and Chester's Twitter channel

In addition, Cheetos' site is featuring "Chester's Pumpkinator" — a tool that lets families design their own digital jack-o'lanterns and earn chances to win weekly prizes of $1,000. Fans' pumpkin creations are being displayed on the site.

It's no shock that Dos Equis's multi-element Halloween campaign focuses on "The Most Interesting Man In The World."

Here, too, there's at least one live component: This year, the brand character, played by actor Jonathan Goldsmith, will serve as the grand marshal of New York City's infamous Village Halloween Parade. 

The brand's holiday "Masquerade" campaign also includes a virtual reality video (shown above) that lets viewers "attend" a Halloween party hosted by the brand character, as his guest of honor. The party is also attended by numerous other "interesting" characters — including, of course, provocatively costumed women. 

The VR video is available via Google Cardboard and YouTube 360 (and can also be viewed on Dos Equis-branded Google Cardboard masks are being distributed at bars across the country.

Other elements include two 15-second TV spots from Havas Worldwide NY featuring The Most Interesting Man's advice on vampires ("I'm sure you can find someone alive to nibble your neck") and masquerade parties ("A little mystery can go a long way. I suggest you have it lead back to your place"). Those can also be viewed on Dos Equis's Facebook page. 

Finally, through Oct. 31, Dos Equis is running a promotion in which players "help" The Most Interesting Man by finding hidden items on @XXGuestList Instagram. After finding them, they can comment on the photos with #XXGuestList in order to earn chances to win a trip for two to New York for a Masquerade "grand finale" on Nov. 14. Fans can also enter by going to the brand's Masquerade campaign area to register.

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