Bayer CropScience, NatGeo Educate Kids About Agriculture

Forget the virtual Farm Heroes. Bayer CropScience and National Geographic are looking to create some real agricultural knowledge via an online game. 

The two entities have come together to create “Top Crop: Farming for the Future” an interactive game that looks to deepen knowledge about sustainable agricultural practices among students.

The game, which can be found on National Geographic’s Education website, introduces a scenario where the U.S. Department of Agriculture wants to try new technologies to support sustainable farming. Through a serious of challenges (such as pests, disease and weather) the players learn the best opportunities to provide healthy food through sustainable agriculture techniques. 



“It's a good opportunity for us to reach a new audience and demographic and to introduce them to the importance of agriculture on our world,” Casey Allen, a representative for Bayer CropScience tells Marketing Daily

By 2050, the Earth’s human population is set to reach 9 billion people, increasing food demand by 60% and meat consumption by 70% worldwide, Allen says.

“In order to feed and clothe them, we’re going to need agriculture,” Allen says. “We have to find a way that’s more productive and sustainable for agriculture.”

Opting for a game over some other form of communication was a way to make the topic fun and engaging for the younger generation while teaming with National Geographic gave the product the educational heft it needed, he says.  

“Games have become a part of our society, and we felt this would provide a good opportunity,” Allen says. “[National Geographic] is a great name and well positioned in the agricultural space.”

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