Havas Chicago Turns Agency Into Peep Show For Breast Cancer Awareness

To show its support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Havas Chicago decked out the windows of its Grand and Wabash offices with flashing pink and purple neon lights and a sign which read, "Topless Girls Girls Girls." 

Passersby who choose to take a peek are shown a message about the statistics of breast cancer. 

Of the effort, Havas Chicago CEO Paul Marobella said, "We didn't want to just paint our windows pink. We wanted to really break through the clutter and do something that stopped people in their tracks." 

Of the message passersby see when they take a peep, Havas Creative Director Ecole Weinstein said, "When you do look in, it's a little bit unexpected, but it really hits you with these very alarming statistics. It's really powerful." 

The agency will donate $1 to breast cancer research for every social media post containing a picture of the display and the hashtag #HavasPeepShow.




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