Teen Marketing: Blink And They're Gone

Generation Z will forever be known as the first true digital natives. They will never know a non-digital world, and thrive in the always-on environment of digital communications. Known for their plugged-in nature, teens seem to be natural born multitaskers with the ability to text, talk, work, and walk simultaneously without crashing head first into a street pole. 

Shockingly, or maybe not, the average attention span of teens is a mere eight seconds. When you think about the amount of information we digest on a daily basis, it’s no wonder teens have had to adapt to filtering through the noise. In response, teens flock to social media outlets that place an emphasis on personalization and instant gratification (think Snapchat and Instagram).

All of this says a lot about how teens consume content and media. Brands are capitalizing on these traits by strategically inserting themselves into the information rich world we live in today. More affordable advertising options (as compared to more expensive traditional methods) being available across social media channels allows brands to respond at lightning speed. Influencer marketing. YouTube videos. Snapchat filters. The list goes on and on. 



Let’s take a peek at Converse. The iconic American fashion company best known for their Chuck Taylor All Stars has made great strides cornering the teen demographic across digital channels. Earlier this spring, Converse launched their “Made By You” campaign, dedicated to the 100th birthday of Chuck Taylors. This gave consumers the opportunity to express themselves and their beloved Chucks through visual storytelling across social media with the #ChuckTaylor hashtag. The campaign was a slam dunk amongst young adults and has over three million views on YouTube.

So what sets brands, such as Converse, apart from the masses? 

  1. They successfully blur the line between themselves and their community.
  2. They deliver compelling and relevant content that’s visually stimulating, gets straight to the point, and is shareworthy. 
  3. They talk with their audience, not at them. 

Remember: it takes seconds for teens to decide whether or not they’ll engage. Brands that stand out from the noise and quickly capture their attention will land positive results.

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