Swrve Acquires adaptivIO, Raises $30M Earmarked For Hiring

Mobile marketing firm Swrve announced today the completion of a $30 million series C funding round, and the acquisition of mobile data automation platform adaptiv.io.

The news comes on the heels of Swrve’s rapid expansion, with bookings growing 400% YoY, and reaching 1 billion installs of their software development kit (SDK).

Swrve CEO Christopher Dean says the money will be used primarily for hiring.

With regards to the acquisition, “adaptiv.io helps us connect and weave into other systems,” says Dean. According to Dean, adaptiv.io will allow them to connect first-party data with all the various siloed data a partner could provide them, expanding their cross-channel capabilities.

When it comes to a holistic, mobile-first approach to advertising, there need to be appropriate messages that are interlaced with other channels, says Dean. “Mobile moved the center of gravity in the marketing world. Many marketing models and CRM are built for the Web and email world.”

As the marketing world moves steadily into a cross-channel and “omnichannel” future, Dean likes to use the word “experience” to describe what Swrve is trying to do. “The consumer wants an orchestrated experience,” he says. And that can’t be done without all channels feeding into each other.

The funding round was led by Evolution Media Partners (EMP), a partnership of CAA-backed Evolution Media Capital (originally backers of adaptiv.io), TPG Growth and Participant Media, and the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF). Investors from both their A and B rounds of funding contributed, as well.
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