Mobile Soars In Latin America, Asia Pacific

Latin America and Asia-Pacific are starting to blossom as mobile markets. Venezuela and Indonesia grew by 91% and 84%, respectively, in Q3.

The data comes from mobile ad platform Smaato’s “Q3 2015 Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report.” Smaato serves ads to about 800 million unique monthly mobile users.

The populations in these regions tend to have a mobile-first/only approach to the Internet. But only in the last couple of years have devices and data plans that allow for streaming Internet video, as well as infrastructural development for networks been available to just about everyone.

“While India remains a growing powerhouse, our data also shows that countries like Indonesia and Brazil are up-and-coming markets in Latin America and Asia Pacific -- and offer incredible opportunities for publishers to monetize, and for advertisers to connect with consumers,” stated Smaato CEO Ragnar Cruse.

This data is complemented by a recent report from Opera Mediaworks, which said that the region captures 8% of all global mobile ad traffic. Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are now in the company's top ten list of all countries by mobile ad traffic. The report also stated that ads served in the Latin American region generate more revenue than Asia Pacific or Africa.

Globally, traffic is swinging back in favor of Apps, with Smaato’s exchange seeing a 6 percent positive shift in favor of apps in both supply (publisher inventory) and spend (advertisers’ spending on the Smaato exchange) during the third quarter of 2015, relative to the mobile web.

Android continues to dominate globally, with supply and spending growing 67% YoY over Q3 2014. Rich media now generates 116 percent higher revenues than image-based ads.

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