Sky Media Chooses Videology For New Programmatic System

Sky Media, the ad sales branch of British-based broadcaster Sky, is working with software provider Videology to set up a programmatic system to run its digital inventory.

The new programmatic system, which will launch as early as Q1 2016, will include inventory management, optimization and prioritization capabilities. Through the partnership, Sky will control frequency across video platforms and devices. 

Last month, Sky Media launched Sky AdVance, a platform that delivers sequential advertising to video-on-demand and online viewers. The announcement of the partnership with Videology comes after a six-month review of potential candidates.

The company says Videology was selected based on its successful track record of working with leading broadcasters around the globe. "Their view of video convergence is similar to ours, and we look forward to creating effective advertising outcomes that have a lasting benefit for our clients," said Jamie West, deputy managing director, Sky Media.



In addition to representing all Sky’s channels and sites, Sky Media sells ads on behalf of broadcasters including Sony, Viacom, Discovery, Fox, NBC Universal and A&E Networks. According to the company, its channels reach an average of 50 million people every week in the U.K. 

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