Tumblr Gives Users New GIF Options

As part of a broader update to its iOS app, Tumblr is offering users a new tool to create all the GIFs they like.

Under the Photo option in Tumblr’s mobile apps, users can now select any video or set of burst photos to turn into animated three-second-long GIFs.

GIFs -- short for graphics interchange format -- are everywhere. Somewhere between a still picture and an animated video, the hypnotically looping formats have long since overtake the Web, including countless ad campaigns.

Hulu recently launched a Gif search engine powered by Tumblr, which lets people search and discover TV-related GIFs by Shows, Actions, and Reactions.

Also, Adidas recently offered users an embeddable GIF of their experiences interacting with a broader Boost campaign. “Boost Yourself” booth photographs were transmitted to virtual Boost capsules on the campaign’s visual wall

Tumblr, however, can no longer claim to be the only social network that supports GIFs. This past summer, Facebook began testing GIFs in Page posts and “boosted” posts, while Twitter officially became GIF-friendly, last summer.

Since dropping about $1 billion on Tumblr in 2013, Yahoo has made a number of efforts to expand the social network’s appeal among mainstream audiences. Most recently, Tumblr added a messaging feature to its existing service.

Earlier this year, Tumblr launched a Creatrs Network to connect artists with brands. During a test phase, the initiative resulted in successful collaborations between artists and brands like Axe, Gap and Olay. Last year, meanwhile, Yahoo announced the launch of a new content marketing solution built specifically for the social network.

Yahoo said it expected Tumblr to take in more than $100 million in ad revenue -- and achieve positive EBITDA -- in 2015. Coming from CEO Marissa Mayer during Yahoo's quarterly earnings call, the disclosure offered a rare glimpse of Tumblr’s financial health.


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