Urban Airship Launches Insights To Leverage Data, Pinpoint ROI

Urban Airship, a mobile engagement company, today announced a new mobile audience analytics platform that provides insights into the "why" behind ROI.

Urban Airship Insights can access, analyze and act on user-level engagement data across channels to help marketers determine how a promotional message influenced a customer’s action.

"Mobile is the front door for consumers interacting with brands,” adds Bill Schneider, director of product marketing at Urban Airship.

The platform can be leveraged to connect data across departments and boost mobile, real-time data in their campaigns.

For instance, Michael Richardson, senior director and cofounder at Urban Airship, says that email marketers can benefit from connecting mobile data to optimize their campaigns according to customer preference.

“Taking the mobile app experience and complementing it with email help marketers understand user preferences, both implied and explicit, and helps ROI across channels,” he says.

Urban Airship provides data visualizations that allow users to analyze their marketing strategy, differential high-value from at-risk customer segments, and determine the factors that most influence their audience and generate the highest return on investment.

“We see an opportunity in that many analytics are primarily canned reports,” says Schneider. “They’re aggregated reports, not individual. In a mobile age, it’s all about personalization, and we have the opportunity to do that.”

Additional features of Urban Airship Insight include industry-specific benchmarks, conversion-funnel reporting and cohort analytics, and RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) analysis.

Urban Airship Insights adds to Urban Airship Connect, which was initially announced in September. The latter connects mobile data, such as geofencing, uninstalls or in-app messaging views, to any other business system for automated, real-time action.

Connect, at heart, is a real-time streaming API that gives you real-time user information around your customers,” says Richardson. “It’s an omnichannel connector that can connect mobile information to every business department.”

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