Dunkin' Runs On Mobile With New Delivery Service

Dunkin’ Donuts is testing a new mobile app functionality that will allow users to order ahead and even get their donuts delivered.

124 Dunkin’ locations in Portland, Maine, will allow users to order ahead, 19 locations in Dallas, Texas will try out a delivery service integrated with Door Dash, and other locations in Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles will bring coffee to customers.

Ordering ahead has been pioneered by other brand apps like Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Starbucks, which has a similar demographics and buying conditions to Dunkin’.

Starbucks is often touted as a prime example of what a brand can do with a mobile app and well-executed rewards program, with 10.4 million users/caffeine junkies in the U.S., the coffee chain runs by far one of the most successful brand apps. Its order ahead service, initiated in September, recorded 5 million transactions in its first month and is continuing to grow.

Dunkin’ had a pretty poor performance in Q3, but one saving grace was the growth of their rewards program, DD Perks, which reached 3.6 million customers in its first 21 months—a full three months faster than Starbucks’ own My Starbucks Rewards program took to reach that many people.

In an investor presentation, the company laid out three key benefits for the new order-ahead feature, including customer acquisition and engagement, peak-hour efficiency and better customer experiences.

The company also plans to launch Apple Pay in stores starting in 2016.

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