Mobile Becoming Choice For Travel Bookings

Americans are getting more comfortable using phones for digital transactions.

According to new research from eMarketer, a majority (51.8%) of American travelers in 2016 will be booking their trips using mobile devices, up from 43.8% this year.

eMarketer adjusted the numbers upwards for smartphones after their Q2 predictions, and the numbers for tablets downwards.

“Hotels, airlines, and online travel sites are better optimizing their Webs ites for mobile bookings. As a result, people are finding a simpler and easier path to purchase and booking their trips right on their devices. This bodes well for the industry as a whole,” stated eMarketer forecasting analyst Oscar Orozco.

Google might have something to do with that industry-wide effort at optimization, since they adjusted their algorithm to give better preference to mobile-optimized sites.

eMarketer predicts that sales of travel products and services on laptops and desktops will decline in absolute terms through 2019, with mobile carving out a share for itself in the space. Mobile only represents 31% of digital travel sales this year, but by 2019 that number will climb to 46%.

Mobile has also taken over the research phase of travel, with 62.6% of Americans researching their options on mobile devices. 73.0% will use mobile devices to research travel in 2016, eMarketer predicts. 91.0% of the people who use mobile devices to research travel will use smartphones to do so, as compared to 69.3% who use tablets.

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