RCA's 'Made For (Holiday) Moments'

Earlier this year,  RCA Corp. and its agency gyro San Francisco introduced the "Made for Moments" brand campaign to support the launch of its new 4K TVs, smartphones and tablet computers.

Now this campaign is repositioning its message to align with the holiday season by suggesting that RCA products are the perfect gifts for families.

As part of the initiative, RCA is introducing the RCA "Magic Moment Generator"  at MyRCAMoment.com to let families interact with specialized video backgrounds to create and upload digital photos with "festive animated gifs and stickers." Both the campaign and the site launch Nov. 27.

Users are encouraged to share these images with the #MyRCAMoment hashtag.

There's also a sweepstakes to showcase RCA's entire product line, awarding prizes including flat panel and 4K televisions, tablets, smart phones with dual-SIM support, as well as home appliances such as wine coolers, and microwaves.



RCA is hosting a special pop-up shop at the Glendale Galleria in Los Angeles where visitors can visit an interactive holiday kiosk and test various RCA products.

This campaign is designed to raise awareness about the various RCA products and get people talking about them across social media. It is a key challenge for a brand with so many products to develop a campaign that speaks to its diverse product line and get people excited to tweet about it. After all, few people eagerly take to social media to discuss their microwaves or wine coolers.

"This holiday campaign re-introduces the RCA brand and its many products to families from coast to coast," said Manuele Wahl, SVP technology and trademark licensing, Technicolor. "We wanted to make this holiday more magical by providing shareable moments on social media and product giveaways."

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