Bogusky's Visibl Strikes Deal With SpotX, Gives Small Advertisers Access To Premium Video Inventory

Alex Bogusky’s Visibl will likely boost its visibility today among Madison Avenue’s programmatic video market makers following news that it will enable small- and medium-size businesses to tap directly into publishers’ biddable video inventory via a deal with SpotX.

Visibl said the deal covers “premium placements with key publishers,” suggesting the platform will create competition for big advertisers and agencies pursuing premium inventory. Visibl didn’t define what that is in the announcement, but it has said it’s goal is to “democratize programmatic ad buying for the little guy, enabling small advertisers to target major sites for as little as $50.

While other players have also been trying to develop more of a long-tail marketplace for premium media inventory, especially, video, Visibl’s news is significant, because it comes from Bogusky, and because the model is potentially so disruptive for big agencies and advertisers.



It’s been tried before, including an ambitious run by WPP-backed Spot Runner, but the programmatic video marketplace is much more developed now and self-serve models aimed at the little guy are becoming more accepted by big publishers.

SpotX doesn’t list the Web publishers or mobile app developers it monetizes video ad inventory for, but it says they are premium. Among its “partners” it lists Videology, Videohub and The Trade Desk.

Visibl says it is gaining access to "priority premium" inventory from publishers such as,,,,,,,,,,,, perezhilton, Electronic Arts and Zynga.

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