Smartphone, Tablet Ownership Up, TV Shows Favorite Choice

Smartphone ownership is up 8% since last year, according to new findings from Nielsen’s People Meter Panel. All told, four-fifths of U.S. consumers now reported owning a smartphone.

But the growth has not cut into tablet sales. Rather, tablet ownership also increased 9% to 39% of the U.S. population -- or at least those over the age of 13.

Also of note, fully 38% of mobile users say that friends and family have the greatest influence on their media content choices. After that, 29% said they mainly searched for media themselves, while 22% said browsing app stores produced more of their media diet.

In October, the most popular app categories -- based on time spent per month -- were search engines, portals and social networking, with 16 hours and two minutes, according to Nielsen Mobile Netview.

That strangely broad category was followed by entertainment at 13 hours and 27 minutes and communication apps at 4 hours and 39 minutes.

When it comes to viewing Web videos on a connected device, consumers are most likely to watch TV shows that they missed on their big screens (49%), followed by watching videos that accompany a paid service (39%) and watching short videos (36%).

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