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On Black Friday And Cyber Monday, Ecommerce Aims To Prove Its Worth

AdExchanger notes that investment banking firm Jefferies' expectations for ecommerce on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rather lackluster; the firm cited only 4% growth in overall retail sales. It did point to some bright spots: "Adoption of new smartphones that are better for product sales (i.e., have a larger screen), the rising share of millennial shoppers, digital coupon use and location-based promotions" that will bolster mobile shopping, according to AdExchanger. YellowHammer SVP Sam Appelbaum noted that ad inventory prices around Black Friday and Cyber Monday "make customer acquisition campaigns prohibitively expensive. ...Brands are better suited running their prospecting campaigns in the months leading up to the major shopping days, and then focus the media spend on those days to activate against customers that already in the brand funnel," Appelbaum told AdExchanger.

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