Brit + Co. Readies Temporary Snapchat Channel For Holiday Season

Lifestyle site Brit + Co. will debut a holiday-themed channel on Snapchat’s media hub, Discover.

Brit + Co. was founded by former Apple and Google employee Brit Morin, who explained that her site’s Discover content will feature 14 new pieces of content each day.

Each day will have its own theme — such as gifting or holiday food — which will be reflected in the channel’s icon that will change daily. Content will include short holiday-themed videos, text-and-photo stories, animated GIFs and trivia question. Topics will include gift ideas, DIY projects, recipes and decorating tips targeted at teens and millennials.

Morin told AdAge that they’ve created close to 300 pieces of custom content, including a hand-designed font for the channel.



“For two weeks during the month of December, we will be sharing all things creative, colorful and holiday-related on Snapchat Discover,” Morin wrote in a blog post on the Brit + Co.'s site. “This is the first EVER holiday channel on Snapchat,” she added.

The content will be available Nov. 27 - Dec. 3, then from Dec. 18 - Dec. 24.

"Both us and Snapchat are looking at it as a test for each other and trying to understand if this type of content is really valuable around the different seasons of the year, or if it makes sense for Brit + Co. to have a broader set of content later down the road," Morin added.

The company opted for the two separate weeklong periods because "we didn't want user fatigue around too much holiday content," she said.

While some other Discover publishers, like Mashable, have formed specific teams dedicated to their Snapchat channels, Brit + Co. is pulling in employees from its other teams to contribute to the channel. Morin added she didn’t want her employees to suffer from burnout by trying to create too much content in addition to their own jobs.

Morin didn’t say whether or not this project will segue into a permanent spot in the Discovery hub, but she did say that both companies would see how the holiday partnership goes.

Brit + Co.’s readers are primarily women in their 20s and 30s, which fits with Snapchat’s mostly millennial audience.

Reports indicate that Snapchat takes a 30% cut from ads sold by publishers and a 50% cut when the ads are sold by its own team.

Morin said the partnership is a good opportunity to reach some of Snapchat’s 100 million daily users. This September, the company launched the B+C Snapchat channel.

Other Discovery partners include BuzzFeed, music streaming service iHeartRadio, Vice, People and CNN.

The Brit + Co. site features DIY tips and projects along with selling craft kits, jewelry and home decor. Morin previously told Fortune that her site reaches around 12 million users per month. 
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