Cleveland Agency Brokaw Running Out of Duck Tape For Its Cleveland Browns Jersey

A while ago, Cleveland-based agency Brokaw put a Cleveland Browns t-shirt in the window of its downtown office with the names of every Browns quarterback since 1999. And there have been a lot! To date, 23 different starting quarterbacks in 16 years. 

In October, the Browns had to bench QB Johnny Manziel -- who, even after a stint in rehab, a move to the suburbs and a promise to behave, was involved in a domestic disturbance situation with his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. Then, a week before Thanksgiving, Manziel was spotted drunk and misbehaving, which left coach (well, future ex-coach) Mike Pettine no choice but to bench Manziel to third string. 

Former starting QB Josh McCown is out for the season after having broken his collarbone, forcing Pettine to name Austin Davis the team's 23rd different starting QB since 1999. 



Brokaw has already made the switch to the t-shirt gracing its window but is also getting a little desperate for more space and more tape. Yesterday, the agency tweeted to Duck Tape, "White tape supply running dangerously low. How about some help @theduckbrand". 

Playing along, Duck Tape tweeted back, Hey @Brokaw check back with us Monday morning. We've got a feeling @ADavis1025 (Austin Davis) is going to give @Browns the big W!" 

Hey, when your team has zero chance of making the playoffs, you've got to do something to keep spirits up and to have a little bit of fun.

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