BrandAid Expands to Hollywood

  • May 23, 2002
BrandAid Marketing Corporation, creator of the oversized Supercards display units in supermarkets nationwide, announced it has formed a new entertainment division. More than a dozen entertainment marketers have advertised through BrandAid, including ABC, NBC, Universal Studios, Walt Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

The new division will be headed by Lyle Crowley, whose new title is vice president of entertainment marketing. Crowley was the originator of the BrandAid concept and held the title vice president of marketing. Crowley, based in New York, will continue to report to Jay Elliott, BrandAid's chief executive officer.

Joining BrandAid as director of entertainment marketing, based in Los Angeles, is Brad Blumenthal, who most recently was vice president of entertainment for EDS-Originet in Seattle. Blumenthal also served as vice president of entertainment for Muzak Inc., Ridgefield, Conn., and as vice president of Actmedia in Darien, Conn.

According to CEO Elliott, The Supercards Network helps manufacturers, companies and retailers execute marketing strategies to build consumer loyalty, promote products, increase brand awareness, generate trial, promote products and increase sales.



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