W+K London Tests Passersby With Naughty-Or-Nice-O-Meter

Because, apparently, Santa is extra busy this year, the jolly old fellow reached out to Wieden+Kennedy London for some help. Specifically, he asked for help with his naughty or nice list.  

So Wieden+Kennedy London jumped at the chance to create some foolish holiday fun and came up with the Naughty-Or-Nice-O-Meter. They placed the contraption, which looks like some kind of 1950's computer, in the window of their Hanbury Street office. 

Those passing by are welcome to come take a look at the machine and see on which list they have been placed. For the rest of us who don't live nearby, there's an online version of the Naughty-Or-Nice-O-Meter which will also let you know whether you are naughty or nice.  

The machine doesn't really ask you any questions, so it appears the list you end up on is totally random. The least they could have done was troll people's social media profiles. That would have offered up some juicy naughty-or-nice details. 



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