YuMe's SSP Gets A Data Upgrade

Ad-tech company YuMe is introducing an enhanced version of its SSP (supply-side platform), YuMe for Publishers.

YuMe launched both its SSP and DSP (demand-side platform) in June. Venkat Krishnan, SVP-products, YuMe, said in an email that publishers’ feedback helped shape enhancements to the SSP.

YuMe’s SSP offers open auction, private marketplace and direct sales on multi-screen inventory. The SSP, currently available to any publisher, also offers access to YuMe’s DSPs and integrated demand sources.

In a release, Krishnan said the new product will provide publishers “not only with big data, but with smart data,” including more insights on audience (such as breakdown of gender, age, geography, time of day and visits by device) and content (how content is consumed by device, geography and others). 

YuMe is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., with European headquarters in London and 17 offices worldwide.

In October,  YuMe announced a new product offering the ability to outstream video ads, or ads that run within text-dominant Web pages or are streamed within copy on mobile phones.

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