Huawei Is Giving Away Time

For all the talk of smartwatch functionality and connectivity, they’re still fundamentally timepieces. This holiday season, Huawei is looking to connect its watches to the passage of time by giving some of it away to consumers. 

The Chinese electronics brand and agency DDB New York have launched a “1,000 Hours of Greatness” campaign in which the company will give away 1,000 hours of lessons for people to pursue their passions. 

As explained through a digital video featuring Director of O Positive Jonathan Klein, the new Huawei watch could (according to a voiceover) teach German, help one learn to play drums or dance, become a magician or a yogi or a ninja. Ultimately, the film explains, the watch could “make you smarter by giving you time.”



“The Huawei Watch is an exquisite combination of technology and fashion; it is a premium product from an unexpected contender,” Michael Collins, global business director at DDB New York, tells Marketing Daily. “Our ambition for the brand is to make ‘smart, smart again,’ and [be] a brand that supports all the possibilities that life offers.”

The promotion, which runs through Dec. 31, is part of the brand’s recently launched “Smart. Redefined” campaign. To enter the sweepstakes, people are asked to upload a short video expressing their desire to learn how to do something new or learn to do something they know better. One entrant will be chosen to win 1,000 hours of instruction toward that goal (not to exceed $70,000). Some of the ideas posted on the microsite include: learning to play the ukulele, master surfing, learn Spanish and learn Irish dancing.

“The 1,000 Hours of Greatness campaign reminds us of all the things that are possible in life – when there’s time for it,” Collins says. 

In addition to the “1,000 Hours of Greatness” microsite, the promo will be run primarily through Huawei’s social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as through its primary website and YouTube channel. Using digital media means a better chance of increasing conversation and buzz about the promotion and to react in real time.

“We want to make the world talk about the watch and share their experiences about Huawei,” Collins says. “Social and digital is absolutely critical for this type of engagement by intercepting our audience in surprising, smart, and delightful ways.”

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