Triggered Email Click Rates Soar To Nearly 229%

Marketers must go beyond traditional metrics and analyze email subscribers to gain better insight about customers’ cross-channel behaviors. Understanding behavior across channels will improve the effectiveness of email content and campaigns, according to a study released Monday.

Epsilon's Q3 2015 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks report reveals that despite the influence of email, mobile and social media marketing campaigns, continuity remains the most important tool -- especially when triggering campaigns to bring consumers back they abandon a shopping cart, closing the browser. Marketers also use triggered email to send a welcome email and an anniversary note. The study analyzed triggered email metrics based on consumer action and not for batch or blast email campaigns. It was compiled from approximately 350 million triggered emails sent from July to September 2015 across multiple industries. 



Triggered email open rates still remain above 50% for the third consecutive quarter, though they only accounted for 3.4% of total email volume, per the study. The open rates were 68% higher than batch emails, while triggered email click rates soared to 228.7% higher than its counterpart. Non-bounce rates continued to drive strong results, only 2.4% lower than business as usual (BAU).

The highest open rates for triggered messages were in Financial Services such as Banks at 63.2%, Consumer Products Pharmaceutical at 60.3%, and Financial Services General at 58.3%. The highest triggered email click rates were reported in Retail General at 16.2%, Consumer Products Pharmaceutical at 15.7%, and Consumer Products CPG at 15.4%.

“Epsilon’s North America email trend results show mobile open rates consistently higher than 50% throughout 2014 and 2015 demonstrating that consumer behavior has changed,” says Judy Loschen, vice president of digital analytics at Epsilon. “This also means marketers should now have a better understanding of how consumers are engaging with email across devices."

Loschen says that in 2016, marketers should use data and analytics to understand the effectiveness of email communications in a cross-channel context and apply that knowledge to enhance campaigns and continue to realize ROI from email.

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  1. John Grono from GAP Research, December 21, 2015 at 7:34 p.m.

    OK.   Can someone please explain how triggered email click rates can soar to 229% as the headline says.   Does everyone click on it twice and a further quarter click on it a third time just to make sure.

    Surely it should be" 229%".   Even if it is I really don't care without knowing the actual click rate.   My incredulity rate has soared to 781.9%.

  2. Alex James from Arch replied, December 23, 2015 at 9:30 a.m.

    While I suppose it is conceivable that people are clicking on emails more than once, the context of the article makes it clear that the headline is not quite accurate. Good call-out, John.

    Maybe " 229% higher than bulk email" would have been better. 

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