WPP's Sorrell: Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next U.S. President

Well, his company certainly has enough predictive algorithms at work throughout the organization although WPP CEO Martin Sorrell didn’t suggest he used any of them when he flat out predicted Monday that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

Sorrell made his bold prediction in an article he penned for the UK trade publication The Drum outlining his predictions on a number of fronts for the year ahead.

“I believe Hillary Clinton will emerge as the first female president of the United States,” Sorrell wrote. “We don’t benefit that much directly from political advertising, but it does stimulate the media market, and that will add a little more growth.”



Sorrell added that he believes the U.S. recovery has finally arrived, “but it’s more fragile than people think.”  A key question, he believes, is what impact the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates will have.  

Sorrell also touched on various regional economies and predicted another year of 4% to 5% organic revenue growth for WPP with net sales growth “well in excess of 3%.”

On the technology front, Sorrell admitted, it’s a little bit harder to predict what will come next. “Who knows what 2016 will bring, or what will emerge from some garage-based start-up in California, Mumbai or Beijing,” he stated, while adding that it’s a pretty good bet that something will. 

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